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Herculane Thermal Water

At the heart of every Ivatherm product sits a natural wonder;

Bubbling up through layers of volcanic rock, it emerges into a protected National Park. With no urban or industrial pollution, the natural environment helps to maintain the high purity levels of the water.

Nourishing the land and your skin

Tumbling through lush woodland, the water emerges above the remote village of Herculane in south-west Romania.

Its mineral composition benefits the land and your skin. This exceptional water has high concentrations of:

Calcium, copper + magnesium, known to be anti-inflammatory and not to aggravate allergies

Manganese and selenium, which help to protect against the damage done by free radicals in the body

Zinc and iron, which are known for their role in the body’s healing processes

The legends behind Herculane Thermal Water

There are many stories about this extraordinary thermal spa water.

When Hercules was heading into battle with the Hydra, he stopped at the springs for a soothing dip. He was said to have gained new powers, and it didn’t end well for the Hydra.

For centuries after that, people made pilgrimages to the springs, hoping to gain from the water’s restorative powers. From emperors and empresses to the Roman aristocracy, many made the journey to Herculane.

Bringing Herculane Thermal Water to you

You no longer need to travel to the springs to benefit from the power of the water. It sits at the heart of every Ivatherm product, chosen for its benefit to all kinds of sensitive skin.

It is both the inspiration and the heart of our products. Our scientists blend it with the most innovative ingredients to support the needs of sensitive skin.