Resveratrox V Anti-stretch marks cream

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Resveratrox V Anti-stretch mark cream prevents the formation of new stretch marks and reduces the size of already installed ones. By restoring collagen and elastin fibers, it restores skin elasticity.

It has a deep restructuring effect and increases the skin’s resistance to distension. It is used during pregnancy, after childbirth and in the case of large variations in weight.

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Anti Stretch Marks Anti Stretch Marks
Clean Beauty Clean Beauty
Herculane Thermal Water Herculane Thermal Water
Dermatologist Recommended Dermatologist Recommended

Key benefits

  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Naturally restores skin elasticity
  • It helps the skin to recover after tissue damage


Brown Algae Extract

Brown algae extract has a deep restructuring effect and helps the skin regain its elasticity and suppleness. It stimulates collagen synthesis, improving the support of the dermis.

Brown Algae Extract

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica contributes to the restructuring of the skin in depth, through a different mechanism of restoring collagen fibers. By increasing resistance to tension and distension, the skin becomes firm and elastic.

Centella Asiatica

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a well-known ingredient for its stretch mark fading properties during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Olive Oil

Shea Butter

Shea butter (Butirospermum parkii) contributes to the hydration and nutrition of the skin by providing vitamins and essential fatty acids that increase the suppleness of the cell layers. The phytosterols it contains reduce inflammation, irritation, itching and promote healing.

Shea Butter

Herculane Thermal Water

Herculane Thermal Water has scientifically proven soothing and anti-irritant properties, being very rich in minerals and trace elements. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and has a protective effect on the skin microbiome.

Herculane Thermal Water

How to apply

How to apply


1 Cleanse and prepare the skin

2 Apply an appropriate amount to the body

3 Massage until completely absorbed

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  1. RO


    Abia am inceput sa o folosesc de o saptamana, iar vergeturile mele incep cate un pic sa se micsoreze. Foarte bun produsul!

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    O folosesc de câteva zile si sunt multumita, are o consistenta foarte fina si se absoarbe imediat in piele lasand-o atât de hidratata si placuta la atingere. Cu siguranta voi mai comanda! ?

  3. RO


    Un produs Excelent

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    Am folosit-o pe perioada sarcinii. Este cea mai buna crema pe care am folosit-o! Am incercat si alte creme de la alti producatori, dar cu niciuna pielea mea nu s-a simtit atat de bine ca cu aceasta! Vergeturi zero. Piele moale si fina.

  5. RO

    Loredana B

    Un produs foarte bun.

  6. RO

    Loredana B

    Foarte mulțumită.

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