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Ivapur purifying cleansing gel 250ml or 500ml

(3 customer reviews)


To cleanse and refresh combination and oily sensitive skin

Recommended by dermatologists as the first step in a regime to help combination and oily sensitive skin to regulate sebum production as well as act on acne microflora, which are partly responsible for the skin inflammation.

Providing an immediate skin calming and refreshing effect, in clinical trials the cleansing gel was shown to reduce sebum production by 53% after use.

Suitable for use instead of shaving foam, and also an effective makeup remover.

What will it do for me?

A purifying and refreshing cleansing gel, tested on people like you, with combination and oily sensitive skin, to prove it works. It regulates sebum production as well as reducing the acne microflora, which contributes to skin inflammation.

How does it cleanse and purify combination and oily sensitive skin without irritating it?

Ivatherm products are pharmacy-born, recommended by dermatologists and dedicated to sensitive skin. Our experts choose the most effective ingredients to cleanse and purify skin without leaving it feeling tight.


Dermatologists recommend gently cleansing in the morning and the evening. Lightly wet your face, then massage the gel until foams. Then rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry gently with a cotton towel.If you prefer to cleanse without water, then the recommendation would be to use Ivapur Micellar Water. Find out more here (active link to Micellar Water)

Composition and Properties

Herculane Thermal Water – at the heart of every Ivatherm product, Herculane Thermal Water has been scientifically proven to soothe and calm sensitive skin. With a rich blend of minerals and oligo-elements, we take the ancient wisdom of its benefits and combine it with modern, effective science for optimal results.Red Juniper essential oil – known for its purifying and healing effect, it’s an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungi agent (as irritated skin is more at risk of infection as the skin’s natural barrier function is compromised). It also has gentle exfoliating properties, helping to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface, and helping pores remain unblocked.Zincidone® – a double-action complex based on Zinc, acting on normalising the amount of sebum the skin produces and also acting as an anti-bacterial treatment. The combinations in the complex help to improve the bioavailability of the active Zinc, boosting its effectiveness in the body.Glycerin – a well-known moisturising active, it helps to limit transepidermal water loss. Slowing the loss of water from your skin’s surface helps it to feel moisturised and supple for longer.

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-53% Reduction of the sebum quantity on the studied area

3 reviews for Ivapur purifying cleansing gel 250ml or 500ml

  1. Shantal

    Ivapur range is a part of my routine now. I think this cleansing gel makes the difference

  2. Amelia

    I buy this one because it’s bigger in quantity. It helps me use it for my teenaged kids as well

  3. Andreea

    Folesesc acest gel din primăvara anului 2020. Anume el este cel care m-a ajutat să scap de comedoane fără a-mi usca pielea in exces. L-am recumparat mai mult de 5 ori și mereu am de rezervă inca un produs în casă. Dacă te confrunți cu acnee sau vrei sa scapi de mici imperfecțiuni precum coșurile, punctele negre sau comedoanele, atunci acest produs este soluția perfectă.

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