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Ivapur No imperfection anti-imperfections targeted corrector 40ml

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To target specific areas during a mild breakout of spots or pimples

Recommended by dermatologists to support an overall anti-acne regime, this targeted treatment can be applied directly to an existing or emerging spot or pimple.

What will it do for me?

Even with successful ongoing treatment, your skin may experience the odd breakout. This intense serum has been tested on people like you, with breakouts on sensitive, acne-prone skin, to prove it works.

The applicator allows for precise application to a spot, while the serum helps to reduce redness and calms inflammation. As well as regulating sebum secretion and inhibiting bacterial growth, healing is accelerated through stimulating skin regeneration.

Dermatologically tested product with proven efficacy in clinical studies. That’s why dermatologists recommend Ivatherm products to their patients.

How does it target spots and pimples?

Ivatherm products are pharmacy-born, recommended by dermatologists and dedicated to sensitive skin. Our experts choose the most effective ingredients to act on the acne microflora on the skin as well as reduce inflammation.


Apply the serum directly to the spot or emerging pimple, at least twice a day, until the spot disappears.Avoid contact with eyes.

Composition and Properties

Herculane Thermal Water – at the heart of every Ivatherm product, Herculane Thermal Water has been scientifically proven to soothe and calm sensitive skin. With a rich blend of minerals and oligo-elements, we take the ancient wisdom of its benefits and combine it with modern, effective science for optimal results.Phycosaccharide ACG – extracted from seaweed, this helps to reduce signs of inflammation as well as sebum secretion. Acting on the acne-causing microflora on the skin, it also has a mild effect on the sensation of discomfort sometimes associated with acne lesions.Niacinamide  – another name for Vitamin B3, scientists use it for its gentle exfoliant effect on skin, as well as its soothing and calming properties.Trehalose – a saccharide that protects cells against dehydration, and helps to keep the integrity of the vital lipid layer of the skin.Hyaluronic Acid – renowned as a molecular sponge, Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000 times its own volume in water. This helps to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, and leaves skin intensely moisturised, and looking and feeling softer and more supple.Glycerin – a well-known moisturising active, it helps to limit transepidermal water loss. Slowing the loss of water from your skin’s surface helps it to feel moisturised and supple for longer.

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1 review for Ivapur No imperfection anti-imperfections targeted corrector 40ml

  1. Sara

    Easy to use product, I keep it in my purse, I can get rid of pimples easily. Thank you!

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