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Ivadermaseb Cream 40 ml

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for sensitive skin associated with redness and squams

The cream is intensely repairing, anti-irritant and moisturizing for the areas with specific problems manifested by redness and scales. They usually appear on the wings of the nose, forehead, eyebrows, chin, during periods of impaired immunity, stress, insomnia. Such lesions on the head skin are popularly called dandruff. It occurs frequently in young babies, on the scalp, in the form of milk crusts. This favorite cream tested by dermatologists, has a rich complex of active ingredients that purifies the skin of bacteria and fungi, regulates the appearance of excess scales and reduces sebum production.


Apply Ivadermaseb cream morning and evening on clean and dry skin. For skin cleansing it is recommended the use of Ivadermaseb cleansing soothing gel, specially designed for this skin condition.

Composition and Properties

Crinipan AD® (Climbazol) acts effectively and selectively against Malassezia furfur (Pityrosporum ovale)Octopirox (Piroctone olamine) is activ against bacteria and fungi (M. Furfur, P.acnes, S.epidermidis)5-Alpha avocuta® is an ingredient obtained by bio-technology from the avocado fruit. It is gentle but very effective in limiting the secretion of sebum by inhibiting an enzyme that intervenes in it’s production on the surface of the skin.Alfabisabolol natural extract from Vanilomopsis Erythropapa, a tree from the Amazonian forest, has a strong calming, draining, anti-irritant effect.PCA Ethyl Cocoyl Arginate has a strong purifying activity against bacteria and fungi, but also an intense moisturizing effect.Herculane Thermal Water has soothing and anti-irritant, scientifically proven properties, being very rich in minerals and oligo-elements. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and has a protective effect on the skin microbiome.

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In a study on 20 patients with face seborrhea, Ivadermaseb Cream 2 times/day for 28 days, showed a marked improvement of the SASI Score (Seborrheic Area Severity Index) in both redness (erythema) and squams*Photographs taken in D0, D14, D28.

1 review for Ivadermaseb Cream 40 ml

  1. Michail

    My sister used it and I tried as well because of my condition. I can’t live without it now.

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