Ivadermaseb Soothing washing gel

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Cleanses without drying the skin, regulates flaking, soothes irritations and decongests seborrheic areas with redness and scales on the face, body. Reduces sebum production.

Excellent antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Texture specially designed for more cosmetic comfort: fast foaming, easy rinsing. Does not contain soap.

  • 250 ml

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  • 84% soothes irritations
  • 84% reduces dandruff
  • 88% reduces redness
In vivo study: 25 subjects, sensitive skin with redness and scaling, 28 days

Key benefits

  • Regulates excessive flaking
  • Decongests seborrheic areas
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Action: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
  • Soothes irritated skin


Red Juniper Essential Oil

Red Juniper essential oil is a natural ingredient known for its therapeutic benefits. It has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. It also has antifungal and exfoliating properties with an action on scales.

Red Juniper Essential Oil


Zincidone® is a complex with double action: Zn (a trace element with an essential role in protein synthesis and cell division) normalizes sebum secretion and has antibacterial action, and L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (L-PCA) increases the bioavailability of Zn, increasing its efficiency and restores the skin's barrier function, also having a moisturizing role.



Alphabisabolol the non-allergenic natural extract from the Vanilomopsis Erythropapa tree, from the Amazon forests has a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Being a natural extract, it has no allergenic effects.


Herculane Thermal Water

Herculane Thermal Water has scientifically proven soothing and anti-irritant properties, being very rich in minerals and trace elements. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and has a protective effect on the skin microbiome.

Herculane Thermal Water

How to apply

How to apply


1 Apply the gel to the wet face

2 Gently massage with your fingertips

3 Rinse with plenty of water

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  1. RO


    Cutam de ceva vreme un produs care sa ma ajute cu problemele mele

  2. RO


    Este un gel extrem de bun!! Am tenul acneic, gras, dar in acelasi timp sensibil, reactiv si cu roseata, atat de la pustule, cat si de la tratamentele cu diversi acizi. Cautam de mult timp un gel care sa curete tenul, sa absoarba sebumul, dar care sa nu il sensibilizeze si mai tare. Acesta este minunat! Imi lasa tenul super fin si calmat, fara sa simt ca ma strange si m-a ajutat in calmarea si vindecarea zonelor cu iritatie. Sper sa nu dispara niciodata❤️

  3. RO


    Eu am dermatita seboreică, ma ajuta foarte mult, mai ales cu pielea mea sensibilă, cu roseata și cu scuamele care se fac datorita dermatitei. PRODUS MINUNE!

  4. RO


    Am dermatita seboreica. Mi-au fost recomandare de dermatolog produse ivatherm. Sunt foarte multumita, am scapat de scuame si pete rosii de pe piele (frunte, nas, piept, spate)

  5. RO


    Foarte bun!

  6. RO


    Minunat. Cel mai bun produs.
    Ar trebui sa scoateti si in varianta de 500 sau 1000ml.

  7. RO


    ll folosesc doar de 2 zile si deja am observat o imbunatatire majora. Sper sa ma ajute.

  8. RO


    Produsul e foarte bun pentru tenul delicat.

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