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Herculane Thermal Water Spray

(20 customer reviews)


Soothes and protects sensitive skin. Beneficial for all skin types, with proven properties for all degrees of skin sensitivity from the sensitive, to intolerant or allergic.

Herculane Thermal Water comes from a thermal saline spring, being collected at the rock exit. The richness of the composition and the purity of this water is due to the fact that Herculane thermal water springs from a depth of 2000 m, in an environment free from any urban and industrial pollution, with an Ozone level and air purity, similar to the one at altitudes of 3000 m.


For daily use, in any season, by women, men or children.  Gently spray Herculane Thermal Water on a clean face and then apply a moisturizer.

  • Sensitive, irritated or mature skin
  • After solar burns
  • Acne-prone skin, dry skin, redness, heat or cold hives
  • After hair removal, makeup removal, after shaving
  • After dermocosmetic procedures
  • After physical activity, sports

Composition and Properties

Rich in minerals and trace elements essential for the skin (Ca, Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn, Mg, Se), with an optimal mineral content (2500 mg/l), it has a strong calming, anti-irritant and protective properties on the skin microbiome.Highly appreciated by dermatologists for its soothing, anti-irritant properties on sensitive skin, Herculane Thermal Water protects against premature aging.


Tested in a multi-center split-face study (only one half face treated with Herculane Thermal Water) on 90 patients with dermocosmetic procedures (chemical peeling, dermabrasion, microneedling, rejuvenation laser)* :

  • Doctors recorded a redness reduction by 56%, swelling by 44% and the skin temperature with 10C after 15 minutes post-dermocosmetic procedure vs the untreated half-face
  • All patients reported a >90% reduction in stinging, burning tight skin sensations vs the untreated half-face

Photos (Image Reveal) show the difference in redness on the Right Cheek (untreated) vs the Left Cheek (treated with Herculane Thermal Water after dermabrasion).

Herculane Thermal Water

  • Inhibits by 56% the release of Histamine from human skin grafts**
  • Protects cultured human keratinocytes and fibroblasts against induced UVA irradiation***
  • Reduces with 34% the production of free-radicals after cultured human keratinocyes are agressed with hydrogen peroxide****
*In vivo  study : Giurcaneanu et al.,2019
**In vitro study :  Societe d’Etudes en Pharmacologie : Recherche-Applications (SEPhRA) 2006
*** In vitro study : Cosgarea et al., European Congress of Dermatology and Venerology 2009
**** Ex vivo study : SEPhRA 2019

20 reviews for Herculane Thermal Water Spray

  1. carmen.popescu19 (verified buyer)

    Foarte buna, recomand. Calmeaza pielea imediat.

  2. Marya

    Very good product. Easy to have it in your purse on a hot sunny day.

  3. Donna

    I bought 3 bottles already and I use it constantly. It feels so fresh on the skin and whenever I get a bit of redness on my face, it immediately calms it down,

  4. Elle

    Very helpful and no perfume. This is something that I was looking for a long time. I need to buy it

  5. Daniela

    Foarte potrivită pentru tenul meu mixt, cu tendințe acneice. Imperfecțiunile și semnele postacneice dispar mai repede.

  6. Catalina Elena Mocanu

    Bună pt calmarea tenului și pt fixarea machiajului.

  7. Denisa (verified buyer)

    Super bun produsul!!

    • Ivatherm

      Multumim, Denisa!😍

  8. Mihaela (verified buyer)

    nu pot sa stau fara ea dimineata, e primul lucru pe care il fac, pulverizez apa termala pe fata si ma trezesc
    a comandat 2 bucati de black friday, sa fie acolo

  9. Monica (verified buyer)

    Cea mai buna apa termala pe care am folosit-o. O tin la frigider pentru un plus de prospetime.

  10. Denisa (verified buyer)

    Apa termala ajuta și la acnee

  11. ralucanutzu31 (verified buyer)

    imi da un boost de refresh dimineata, am aplicat si pe tenul lui bebe care avea cateva bubite pe fata dupa 3 aplicari deja au inceput sa dispara si calmeaza si pielea iritata a sotului meu imediat dupa ce s-a ras, un singur produs cu nenumarate beneficii.

  12. Anca S

    Este foarte placuta senzatia dupa aplicare, foarte racoritoare, chiar daca nu este tinuta la frigider. Eu am acnee si am observat ca zonele afectate se cicatrizeaza si se refac mai repede ca inainte. O voi recumpara.

  13. elenagogiu (verified buyer)

    Cea mai buna apa termala încercată.

  14. Raluca (verified buyer)

    Chiar ajuta zonele cu iritatii sa se refaca mai repejor

  15. Tivadar Rodica

    Recomand, face parte din ritualul meu zilnic🙂

  16. Arianna

    O ador

  17. Teofana (verified buyer)

    Extraordinar de bune produse!

  18. nicol_leata (verified buyer)

    Foarte buna! După aplicare pielea rămâne catifelată, nu se usucă. Poate fi pulverizată chiar dacă ești machiată.

  19. Stan Alexandra Nicoleta (verified buyer)

    Foarte fin la atingere, l am folosit după plaja si este minunat

  20. Anda (verified buyer)

    o imbunatatire a tenului din primele zile de folosire. Cu siguranta voi mai cumpara si recomanda.

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