Cicaderm Repairing Spray with Mimosa Tenuiflora

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Reparative spray for lesions with exudate, areas with folds, rashes or after dermatocosmetic procedures (laser, peeling, microneedling), dermatological microsurgery.

It quickly repairs moist skin lesions , hard-to-reach or hard-to-touch areas, with an intense anti-bacterial , anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect. Absorbs exudate facilitating healing.

  • 50 ml

44.03 lei

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  • 100% efficiency
  • 100% tolerability
  • 90% acceptability
In vivo study: 20 subjects, 20-65 years, skin after aesthetic procedures, 7 days

Key benefits

  • Immediately soothes skin surface irritations
  • Accelerates the reconstruction of damaged skin
  • Reduces microbial and fungal proliferation
  • Absorb the exudate
  • Reduces inflammation


Extras de Mimosa Tenuiflora

Mimosa Tenuiflora extract also called "skin tree" is a natural cicatrizing and soothing ingredient. It has reparative properties on the epidermis, with a significant stimulating effect on cell regeneration. Due to the content in bioflavonoids, it ensures the improvement of peripheral microcirculation and the anti-free radical effect. It has a strong bacteriostatic action. Mimosa Tenuiflora is an ingredient whose story begins in Mexico. The Mayans used Mimosa tenuiflora, which they considered "with magical effects" for wound healing. Two dramatic episodes in Mexico (an earthquake and a fire) brought this tree back into focus. The Red Cross decided to use it to save the victims, and the results were astonishing: analgesic, cicatrizing and repigmentation effects. Since then, Mimosa Tenuiflora extract has been studied, researched and included in dermatological and cosmetic preparations for its extraordinary regenerative properties.

Extras de Mimosa Tenuiflora


Smectite is a clay of natural origin that absorbs the exudate from the surface of the skin, protects damaged skin, prevents inflammation and promotes the regeneration of affected tissue. It has been used in topical applications since Antiquity to heal wounds. It favors skin regeneration thanks to the content of copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium, which act as co-factors in the tissue restoration process.


Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Natural vegetable glycerin limits transepidermal water loss and ensures the comfort of the epidermis. This moisturizing agent also has an emollient effect, it hydrates and softens the skin. It can also help relieve irritated, flaky or itchy skin.

Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Cu & Zn Sulphate

Cu & Zn sulfphate and SymDiol® 68T act synergistically for a broad-spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal effect. SymDiol has excellent moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Copper and zinc sulphate stimulate reepithelialization, reduce inflammation and bacterial proliferation. It stimulates cell regeneration and tissue repair.

Cu & Zn Sulphate

Herculane Thermal Water

Herculane Thermal Water has scientifically proven soothing and anti-irritant properties, being very rich in minerals and trace elements. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and has a protective effect on the skin microbiome.

Herculane Thermal Water

How to apply

How to apply

USE DAILY - As often as needed

1 Shake well before use

2 Spray into palms or onto a makeup remover disk

3 Apply topically to the damaged area

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  1. RO


    Este singurul lucru care m-a scapat de cicatrici. Am incercat mai multe produse

  2. RO


    Pur și simplu wooow, am avut o iritatie pe fata de la o crema care mi-a provocat o alergie destul de urata, cu mâncărimi, înroșirea zonei și multe cosuete pe frunte. Imediat ce am aplicat acest spray senzația de mâncărime a dispărut și tenul a început sa își revină la culoarea obișnuită. După câteva ore roseata a dispărut și coșulețele s-au estompat vizibil. Pur și simplu wooow, un produs f bun! Felicitări!

  3. RO

    Mari B

    Îl folosesc pe un ten acneic împreuna cu crema. Deocamdată e bine.

  4. RO


    Acest produs ma ajuta foarte mult. Ma confrunt de mai bine de 10 ani cu acneea. Am incercat multe tratamente, am fost si la doctor… nu m-a ajutat nimic pana acum. Gama de produse Ivatherm ma ajuta mult. Multumesc! Ma bucur ca v-am descoperit.

  5. RO


    Un produs excelent. Nu lipseste din trusa mea. Il folosesc inclusiv dupa epilare faciala.

  6. RO

    Gherman Octavian Puiu

    Este eficient in zona hemoroidala externa, dupa igienizare.Dupa ani buni de intrebuintare pot aprecia calitatea buna a produsului.

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