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Ivahidra+ AD Intensive Cream Balm 400ml

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It is an emollient with an innovative formula for infants, children and adults with atopic skin type tendency, severe dryness and itchiness sensation.  It reduces the intensity and frequency of the relapses that happen with atopic dermatitis, because of its complexed mechanism of action: it rebuilds the barrier function and the skin’s microbiome; it hydrates intensely and for a long period, reduces redness and the irritations associated to server dry skin, reduces the itchiness sensation.

Clinically proven efficiency and pediatric tolerability.


Apply on all surface of the body twice a day, on skin preferably cleaned before with Ivahidra+ Emollient Washing Gel. We recommend using it for a long period of time, in order to have less relapses, or in association with medication therapy. For infants, children and adults.

Composition and Properties

AD-RESYL is an oligosaccharide extracted from Ophiopogon Japonicus- an INNOVATIVE INGREDIENT that corrects the four main skin anomalies with atopic dermatitis:It improves the skin’s level of lipids, proteins and water, as well as the cohesion of the cells, in order for the skin to rebuild its integrity and its protective barrier function.The skin’s microbiome is rebalanced by stopping the attachment of S. aureus and by preventing the biofilm to form. (excess colonization of S. aureus) .It calms, reduces and prevents irritation and itchiness sensation from appearing.A long-term relapse effect**Clinical study realized on 90 children aged between 4 months and 5 years.Aquaphyline® is a natural ingredient, extracted from the wild pansy (Viola Tricolor). It is a humidity inductor with a powerful hydrating effect that manifests itself in two ways: aquaporin synthesis (increased number of water channels in the cellular membrane) and a significant growth of the hyaluronic acid- the skin’s well-known “molecular sponge”, effects that were clinically proven. The skin is hydrated from the inside out by drawing water from the dermis to the epidermis, and the skin’s water flow is constantly improved.Alfabisabolol has strong calming and decongestive effects.Karite butter (20%) reduces redness and itchiness, maintains the dry skin’s hydration and comfort.Glycerin is a humectant that stops the transepidermic water loss and maintains the epidermis’s hydration and comfort.Herculane Thermal Water calms and decongests.

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2 reviews for Ivahidra+ AD Intensive Cream Balm 400ml

  1. Daniela Storms

    I wanted to personally thank you for this product, because my baby is finally happy. His skin is healthy now and I can sleep better now, he is not crying anymore. Thank you so much

  2. Maria

    I received this product as a gift at a conference in Bucharest last month, and I am amazed by it. I highly recommend

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