Aquafil Hydra Light Hydrating cream

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Aquafil Hydra Light moisturizing cream gives normal-combination sensitive skin a smooth and bright appearance, through intense and long-lasting hydration , thanks to the improvement of water reserves and the circulation of water in the cells.

The Aquafil range contains the innovative ingredient Aquaphyline® – aquaporin, with an intense and deep moisturizing effect from the inside of the skin to the outside. The skin becomes firm and elastic.

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  • 95% skin is effectively hydrated
  • 85% skin regains its elasticity
  • 100% light, pleasant, non-greasy texture
In vivo study: 20 subjects, 20-65 years, dehydrated sensitive skin, 28 days

Key benefits

  • Restores firmness and suppleness to dehydrated skin
  • Prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Regulates sebum production and mattifies
  • It soothes the skin and provides lasting comfort
  • It is an excellent makeup base



It is a natural ingredient, extracted from Wild Pansy (Viola Tricolor), it has a strong moisturizing effect through two mechanisms: the synthesis of aquaporins (increasing the number of intercellular channels through which water circulates) and increasing the amount of hyaluronic acid - the well-known "molecular sponge" of the skin .


5-Alpha Avocuta®

It is obtained by bio-technology from the avocado fruit, it limits sebum secretion by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase, thus causing mattification of shiny areas. 5-alpha-reductase is the enzyme that catalyzes the metabolism of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone by stimulating the sebaceous glands.

5-Alpha Avocuta®

Jojoba Oil

It is a natural ingredient, extracted from Buxus Chinensis, which ensures the supply of essential lipids and vitamins, nourishing the skin and restoring its elasticity. Prevents the oily appearance of the skin.

Jojoba Oil


It is a non-allergenic natural extract from the Vanilomopsis Erythropapa tree, from the Amazon forests, has a strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial effect. Being a natural extract, it has no allergenic effects.


Herculane Thermal Water

It has scientifically proven soothing and anti-irritant properties, being very rich in minerals and trace elements. It is beneficial for sensitive skin and has a protective effect on the skin microbiome.

Herculane Thermal Water

How to apply

How to apply


1 Cleanse and prepare the skin

2 Apply an appropriate amount to the face and décolleté

3 Massage until completely absorbed

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  1. RO


    Îl folosesc de o săptămână. După aplicare pur și simplu simt cum pielea de pe față se tonifică.

  2. RO

    Masura Alexandra

    Brandul meu preferat!!! V-am descoperit acum 4 ani si efectiv produsele sunt de o calitate exceptionala pentru mine. In top este crema antirid pentru piele sensibila, apoi crema hidratanta multi performance si aceasta, aquafil hydra light, mai ales pentru vara.

  3. RO

    Conea Cristina

    Recomand! O folosesc de o săptămână și sunt foarte mulțumită.

  4. RO

    Anca S

    O crema foarte usoara, dar hidratanta in acelasi timp. Are o textura matasoara, este o placere cand o aplici pe ten. Mirosul este foarte fin, nu deranjeaza. Eu am tenul cu mai multe probleme: este sensibil si mixt, nu suporta nici cremele grase, nici pe cele care nu hidrateaza suficient pentru ca strange pielea, sufar de acnee la maturitate. Deci, aceasta crema pe mine m-a multumit. Sper sa ajute parerea mea pe cele care doresc sa incerce aceasta crema. Eu o voi recumpara.

  5. RO


    Foarte buna!

  6. RO


    Foarte mulțumită de produsele achizitionate!

  7. RO


    Crema este absolut minunata, pătrunde rapid in piele, are o textura perfecta ! Cu siguranța voi reveni cu o comanda !

  8. RO

    Iulia I.

    O crema foarte buna, tolerata de tenul meu, mixt si capricios, in orice anotimp. Recomand!

  9. RO


    Textura ideală, se absoarbe rapid, iar împreună cu serul din aceeași gamă fac minuni cu tenul meu! Recomand!

  10. RO


    Foarte buna. Hidrateaza foarte bine fara sa incarce tenul.

  11. RO

    Suciu Corina

    Foarte multumita

  12. RO

    Mitoc Madalina Mihaela

    Am primit cadou acest produs si m-am îndrăgostit. ? Preferata mea. Sunt la a doua cutie deja. Pielea mea ramane hidratata si luminoasa

  13. RO

    Adnana Nencescu

    superbă cremă! o recomand din suflet

  14. RO


    E a doua oara cand comand. Ofera o hidratare adevarata.

  15. RO



  16. RO

    Bianca Arba

    Foarte bună!Îmi place mult !

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