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Aquafil Hydra Complex gel-cream eye contour 15 ml

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To hydrate, smooth and brighten the sensitive eye area

Recommended by dermatologists to rehydrate and brighten the eye area, without overloading it with heavy ingredients.

Created to leave the eye area looking and feeling rejuvenated, this gel-cream is light in texture but scientifically formulated with a highly effective combination of extracts. With daily use, the eye area will look more vibrant, with a reduction in the appearance of bags under the eyes, dark circles, lines and wrinkles.



Dermatologists would recommend gently cleansing the eye area first to ensure the skin is ready to absorb the cream. Apply in the morning and evening, taking care not to drag or pull the delicate skin in the eye area.As there are some similarities in the thickness of the skin, you can also apply it around the lips if fine lines are a concern to you.Depending on the skin’s particular condition and a patient’s concerns, dermatologists could also recommend the use of a serum before this cream or following it with a moisturising or anti-wrinkle cream.

Composition and Properties

Herculane Thermal Water – at the heart of every Ivatherm product, Herculane Thermal Water has been scientifically proven to soothe and calm sensitive skin. With a rich blend of minerals and oligo-elements, we take the ancient wisdom of its benefits and combine it with modern, effective science for optimal results.Aquaphyline® – a natural ingredient, extracted from wild pansies, also known as Viola Tricolor. It is known as a hydration inducer, as it promotes two different natural processes in your skin. Firstly it helps the skin to increase the number of cell membrane water channels, through the synthesis of molecules known as aquaporins. Secondly it increases the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This “molecular sponge” of the skin helps to attract water from the dermis up to the epidermis, so effectively keeping water flowing through the different layers of your skin, keeping skin, hydrated from the inside out.Hyaluronic acid – a well-known moisturising ingredient, known for its sponge-like ability to attract and retain water, up to 1000 times its own volume. With an intense and fast-acting hydrating effect, it helps skin to feel supple and less tight.Matrixyl ®3000 – a combination of peptides, used to stimulate production of key elements of the dermis such as collagen and fibrillin (the « springs » of your skin). Increased production of those elements helps the skin to feel firmer and denser. It’s been proven to do this in countless clinical trials, which is why scientists around the world have included it in many of the world’s best-selling anti-ageing products.Aldavine 5X™ a polysaccharide complex derived from brown and red algae, used for their abundant mineral and vitamin content as well as skin-soothing properties. Brown algae contain over 60 minerals and biological elements, more than 12 vitamins (including carotene, tocopherol and folic acid), as well as a full range of amino acids. Dermatologists value it for its proven results, especially in helping to reduce rosacea. Clinically proven, Aldavine 5X™ is effective in reducing the intensity of dark circles and bags under the eyes. It reduces the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibres, as well as signs of inflammation. By preventing dilation of the capillaries, it also helps to improve the microcirculation around the eyes.Glycerin – a well-known moisturising active, it helps to limit transepidermal water loss. Slowing the loss of water from your skin’s surface helps it to feel moisturised and supple for longer.

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1 review for Aquafil Hydra Complex gel-cream eye contour 15 ml

  1. Melia

    I like it very much. It worked from the first week I applied it. I think it’s my favorite so far along with UNA range

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