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AQUAFIL HYDRA Cleansing Foam

83,30 lei

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A lotion that turns into a light foam that gently cleanses, removes makeup and impurities from the face, eyes and lips and moisturizes while protecting the skin’ microbiome. The skin will get a smoother, velvety and brighter appearance.

Enriched with Herculane Thermal Water, Aquafil Hydra cleansing foam soothes and decongests even the most sensitive skin.

A hypoallergenic formula, without soap, parabens or perfume.

Recycled packaging
15% ingredient of BIO origin


Apply the cleansing foam on wet face, 2 times / day, morning and evening. Gently massage with your fingertips and then rinse. Continue the routine with by spraying Herculane Thermal Water.

Composition and Properties

Leucidal SF Max is a powerful probiotic-based ingredient created by the fermentation of Lactobacilus, having a balancing effect on microbiome, protecting the skinAloe Vera Bio has soothing, regenerating, nourishing and anti-inflammatory effectsOrange Blossom Hydrolate Bio acts like a natural toner with hydrating and refreshing effectPlant-origin Glycerine is an efficient humectant, attracts and retains water into the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and moisturized.Herculane Thermal Water has proven anti-inflammatory properties, being indicated for sensitive and reactive skin. Soothes the skin and has a decongestant and anti-irritant effect.

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