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Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Dark Circle eye contour 15ml

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To reduce the signs of tiredness and ageing

Recommended by dermatologists for the sensitive skin around the eye area that is showing signs of tiredness and ageing, particularly lines and wrinkles.

Created to support the skin’s natural repair processes, this cream helps to reduce the appearance and depth of existing lines via a Botox-like effect, by inhibiting muscle contraction, as well as acting on dark circles. With continued use, the skin becomes brighter, smoother and more supple, without irritation.

What will it do for me?

Formulated to support the skin’s own regenerative and restructuring processes, this cream was tested on people like you, with sensitive skin. Our studies show it helps skin look brighter, smoother and more supple without irritation. With a brighter eye area, then you looks less tired as well.

How does it restore skin smoothness and brightness?

Ivatherm products are pharmacy-born, recommended by dermatologists and dedicated to sensitive skin. Our experts choose the most effective ingredients to solve and calm skin irritation and loss of elasticity and brightness


Dermatologists would recommend gently cleansing the eye area first to ensure the skin is ready to absorb the cream. Apply in the morning and evening, taking care not to drag or pull the delicate skin in the eye area.For the rest of your face, dermatologists would recommend the Ivatherm Anti-wrinkle cream for sensitive skin for the most effective routine for skin smoothness and regeneration.

Composition and Properties

Herculane Thermal Water – at the heart of every Ivatherm product, Herculane Thermal Water has been scientifically proven to soothe and calm sensitive skin. With a rich blend of minerals and oligo-elements, we take the ancient wisdom of its benefits and combine it with modern, effective science for optimal results.Viniferol®- a complex obtained from Viniferine and Resveratrol, extracted from Bordeaux grape-vine stems. In testing, it has been shown to help restructure and regenerate the skin, by activating the cell receptors that play an essential role in maintaining the look of youthful skin. It’s also been shown to inhibit the muscle contractions of the skin, having a short-term Botox-like effect. This helps with existing lines, as well as the prevention of new ones.Aldavine 5X™ – a polysaccharide complex derived from brown and red algae, used for their abundant mineral and vitamin content as well as skin-soothing properties. Brown algae contain over 60 minerals and biological elements, more than 12 vitamins (including carotene, tocopherol and folic acid), as well as a full range of amino acids. Dermatologists value it for its proven results, especially in reducing rosacea. Clinically proven, Aldavine 5X™ is effective in reducing the intensity of dark circles and bags under the eyes. It reduces the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibres, as well as signs of inflammation. By preventing dilation of the capillaries, it helps to improve the micro-circulation around the eyes.Shea Butter – used for many centuries to moisturize the skin, Shea Butter helps the skin absorb all the essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants in the product. These contribute to the suppleness of the skin, leaving it looking and feeling softer and smoother.Alpha-bisabolol – a natural extract from the Amazonian forest, used by the scientists for its calming effect in reducing inflammation.

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1 review for Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Dark Circle eye contour 15ml

  1. Samantha

    Sooooo happy for finding this cream. I use the anti-wrinkle one as well together with this one. My eyes are not puffy anymore

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