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Ivatherm is a brand prescribed by dermatologists and sold in pharmacies. Our products are dermo-cosmetics with Herculane Thermal Water, specially created for sensitive skin.

Rucsandra Hurezeanu

Rucsandra Hurezeanu
CEO & Founder of Ivatherm

"I created Ivatherm because I was convinced that it is possible to formulate modern and safe products that successfully treat skin conditions."

I grew up surrounded by medical professionals. With my father being a doctor, and a pharmacist mother, it was no surprise that I followed their path. I studied medicine in Bucharest, economics in Paris, obtained a doctorate in Medical Sciences and worked in Marketing and Sales in some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Romania and France.

Throughout my career, I have closely watched the rise in the incidence of skin conditions, especially those of sensitive skin. Up to 85% of teenagers suffer from acne and more than 20,000,000 people suffer from rosacea in Europe every year.

The emotional impact of an imbalance in the skin is very powerful. We searched for a way to cure these skin conditions using the latest scientific discoveries and the power of nature. I wanted people to be able to easily access safe and effective products recommended by dermatologists.

Examples of innovative actives: Bakuchiol, Aquafilin, Aldavine, Prebiotics.

The meeting with Alain Fructus, renowned French cosmetologist and former president of the French Association of Cosmetology, inspired the key concept of the Ivatherm brand, combining innovation with tradition that helped me turn my vision into reality.

All our products include Herculane Thermal Water, and have a soothing and protective effect on the skin

Nature, the heart
of Ivatherm products

The essential ingredient in Ivatherm products is Herculane Thermal Water.

Over the centuries, many legends have emerged surrounding the properties of this thermal spring. Studies have shown why they have more than a "grain of truth" in them. To learn more about this exceptional thermal water, click here.

Alain's expertise was essential in finding the formula for Ivatherm dermatocosmetics: Herculane Thermal Water and innovative active ingredients with suitable textures to help different types of sensitive skin.

Our products have been specially created for sensitive skin, and they treat, even improve specific skin conditions, from acne to rosacea or atopy.

The effectiveness of our formulas are proven by clinical studies.


Born in Romania,
produced in France

We chose to manufacture our products in France because it is the country with the highest level of expertise in the cosmetics industry. The selection of active ingredients is careful, rigorous, always from the best sources.

We combine the expertise of French laboratories with the benefits of Herculane Thermal Water, and create effective treatments for skin conditions.


We take care of the environment

Herculane Thermal Water is the main ingredient of Ivatherm products. We value this wonderful gift from nature and strongly believe that it is our duty to protect the environment by acting responsibly.

Recyclable packaging, from renewable sources

Our objective is to take even more responsibility when choosing the ingredients and packaging for Ivatherm, so that our products are as natural and sustainable as possible, from safe sources for the environment.

A significant challenge to our environmental impact is the packaging we use – the tubes, bottles and boxes of cosmetic products.

That is why we are in the process of implementing a program to replace plastic containers exclusively with organic packaging, produced from sugar cane, with an estimated transition of 2 years.

Plant-based plastic is obtained from ethanol extracted from sugar cane and it is a 100% recyclable packaging from renewable sources. Using it allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of each cosmetic container by nearly 80%.

With consideration and respect for nature

Also, the cardboard and paper used to develop our products and materials, are sourced from PEFC certified suppliers. The PEFC certification - Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification - guarantees the compliance and sustainability of forest management and the chain of custody of the wood used in products bearing this mark.

This way, we are certain that our impact on the planet's forests is reduced, controlled and sustainable, and future generations will continue to enjoy virgin forests, such as those around the Herculane Baths.

The action plan through which we aim to strengthen our commitments regarding sustainability, the planet's resources and inclusion is constantly developing.

We want you to enjoy our care products, knowing that they were made responsibly, with care and respect for nature, the planet and you. We want you to enjoy our skincare products, knowing that they were made responsibly, with respect and consideration for nature, the planet and you.


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