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Welcome to the world of Ivatherm

From our founder, Rucsandra Hurezeanu

“I’ve spent my life surrounded by medical professionals. With a doctor for a father and a pharmacist for a mother, it probably wasn’t surprising that I followed them into medicine. After studying medicine in Bucharest and economics in Paris, I went on to gain a PhD in medical science.

Like all paths, we make different choices at different junctions. I chose to work in marketing and sales in some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in France and Romania.”

Studying sensitive skin

“Through my work, I saw the growth of skin conditions and skin sensitivity. Did you know up to 50% of us suffer from allergies and sensitive skin?

For many of us, this can be brought on by pollution, poor diet or stress. The emotional impact of skin being out of balance and sensitised can be huge.”

Combining science and nature

“I wanted to find a way to improve these skin conditions using the best scientific knowledge and the power of nature. I wanted people to be able to easily access safe and effective products that their doctors and dermatologists would recommend.

Meeting Alain Fructus was the catalyst for starting to make that vision into reality.”

The nature at our product’s heart

“Alain is a brilliant French cosmetologist and former president of the French Cosmetic Association. Meeting him gave birth to one of the founding ideas behind Ivatherm: the marriage of tradition and innovation.

At the very heart of our products lies our use of Herculane Thermal Spring Water. Legends have built up around its healing properties over the centuries. Science has shown why those stories have more than an element of truth to them. To find out more about this exceptional thermal water, click here.”

Innovative combinations for successful results

“Alain’s expertise was to take the Herculane water and combine it with the right blend of innovative active ingredients, and the right product texture to help sensitive skin of different types.

Our products have been designed specifically with sensitive skin in mind as well as conditions including acne and rosacea.”

Born in Romania, Made in France

“I chose to have Ivatherm products made in France because of its long history as the country with the highest level of expertise in the cosmetics industry.

Created with French scientific expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we’ve been able to bring the incredible properties of our famous Romanian Herculane Thermal Spring Water to a larger number of people around the world.”

Our brand

Ivatherm around the world

We were one of the first dermo-cosmetic brands to launch here in Romania, back in 2005. You’ll now find Ivatherm products in 15 countries around the globe, with new countries joining each year.

For a small brand, we compete with some huge names on the pharmacy shelves. We earn our place thanks to the recommendations and prescriptions of doctors, dermatologists and pharmacists.

We keep it thanks to the people who use our products and find how well they work to calm and soothe their skin.

That’s part of our aim: to combine natural ingredients with cutting-edge, innovative actives to make the best combination to improve skin conditions. It’s incredible to see the difference it makes to someone’s wellbeing and day to day life when their skin feels and looks better.

We continue to work on growing our workforce, both here in Romania and around the world. We want to contribute to our communities, and help people to live their most fulfilling life.

Sustainability: An Essential Pillar in Ivatherm's Vision

Herculane thermal water is the main ingredient in Ivatherm products. We cherish this wonderful gift of nature and strongly believe that it is our duty to protect the environment by acting responsibly. (PHOTO HERCULANE – WATER & NATURE)

Our goal is to take even more responsibility in choosing Ivatherm ingredients and packaging, so that our products are as natural and sustainable as possible, from environmentally safe sources.

Recyclable packaging, from renewable sources

A significant challenge of our impact on the environment is the packaging we use – cosmetics tubes, bottles and boxes.

Therefore, we are in the process of implementing a programme to replace plastic containers exclusively with organic packaging, sugar cane products, a transition estimated to last 2 years.

The plastic of vegetable origin  is obtained from ethanol extracted from sugar cane and is 100% recyclable packaging. Its use allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of each cosmetic container by almost 80%. (IMAGE – GREEN TUBE, SUGAR CANE FIELD)


With care and respect for nature

The cardboard used in our products and materials is obtained from PEFC certified suppliers. The PEFC certification, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, guarantees the conformity and sustainability of the forest management and of the chain of custody of the wood used in the products bearing this trademark.

In this way we can be certain that our impact on the plant forests is reduced, controlled and sustainable and future generations will continue to enjoy virgin forests, such as those around Baile Herculane.

The action plan to strengthen our commitments on sustainability, global resources and inclusion is constantly evolving.

We want you to enjoy our care products, knowing that they have been made responsibly, with care and with respect for, you and our planet.

Meet our team

Rucsandra Hurezeanu

Founder & CEO

Brandusa Popescu

Executive Manager

Diana Grajdan

National Sales & Marketing Manager

Catalina Georgescu

Marketing Manager

Andreea Bucovineanu

PR Specialist

Dan Captaru

Medical Manager

Doru Dinu

Capability Manager

Dan Popa

Supply Chain Manager

Cristina Tanase

Production Coordinator

Raluca Moisi

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Mihaela Bularca

Marketing & Sales Manager Middle East

Elena Maurer

International Sales & Marketing Director, Asia Pacific

Luna Nicolae

Marketing & Sales Manager Europe

Laura Banu

Economic Manager

Ramona Teleaga

Data Analyst

Manuela Cherejy

Content Creator

Alex Prăjișteanu

Head of Digital Marketing

Recognising Rucsandra’s work

Rucsandra has received an extensive range of awards for her contributions as an entrepreneur and as a woman in business. These include:

• Top 100 Most Powerful Romanian Women
– Business Magazine 2018 Awards

• Business Internationalisation Award
– Business Magazine 2018 Awards

• Innovation in Business Award
– Forbes Magazine 2013

• Inspiring Woman of the Year
– Woman Association 2016

Rucsandra is also currently the Vice-President of the Cosmetics Industry Employers Organization of Romania.